The funkiest, biggest luxury inflatables available right here on So Spoilt’s Online Store. Accessorize your pool, patio, shop front, event, beach house, favourite ocean or even just your bedroom “lol” with these gorgeous giant floats.
We have them all, Pink flamingos, Golden Swans, Black Swans, White Swans, and of course the Pegasus. These magical giant inflatables come in three different options; Gold and White, Rainbow or Pink and Blue. We also have a variety of trendy giant pool floats such as; Mexican Cactus, Giant Duck with Glasses, Ice Cream Cone, Popsicle, Pink Donut, Rainbow, Seashell with Oyster Ball, Pineapple, Pizza and a super cool ice bar! If you are looking for something a bit more creative and exciting let us know and I’m sure we can get your dream giant inflatable float for you!
Don’t be dull, Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring, make sure you always have a luxury inflatable float around to cheer up your day and relax on. Selfies are a must *wink.

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