We pride ourselves in turning even a “plain” gift into something unique by understanding your requirements and involving you in options for the final product, thereby making the gift experience completely personal so that the person receiving it can feels as if that you have been involved and not merely “picked a gift”.

For most people the personal involvement and effort is what is most appreciated, we give you that without having to run around trying to find the pieces to your present, when we all know how precious our time is during the day.

It’s more the how and where than the “what” that makes the gift special and memorable and that is what we do best.

We offer our clients a full profile whereby they can upload birthdays, anniversaries, and their most important dates so that we can remind them what’s coming up and offer gift suggestions or work with them to create a special occasion, or completely personalised gift. We can turn any gift idea that you may have into something completely memorable and sentimental and we aren’t just talking about putting name on it. Clients can give us an over view of what the persons likes and interests are, for example; mom likes “horses, golf, gardening” we’ll pop on our thinking caps and get some great ideas together, which have meaning and a link in relation to what mom likes. Giving gifts like these show that you really put thought, heart and effort into making them feel special and loved.

More over all our gifts are wrapped with extra special attention to detail. No grubby courier bags and manky boxes, fingers in bow knot or running fingernails along the celotape to find the join. We have expert hands who know which paper or bag to choose and manage to match bows, ribbons and tissue paper with their eyes closed.