So Spoilt is a personalised gift and event solution business with the online shop open for ease of access to buy your own gifts and have them delivered anywhere in South Africa. We will have a unique new approach to online gifting, shopping and occasions. It has a fairytale like beginning and an interesting one to read. Let us paint the picture of why 2 women came together to make every person who has had a dream of being spoilt rotten and having their loved ones show them how much they appreciate them, by going above and beyond on the gifts that they receive.


I remember driving to work one lonely rainy Valentine’s Day and having a truck pull up alongside me with the cutest little white Porsche on the back wrapped in a giant red ribbon, filled with red and white balloons, with kisses and hearts strategically placed on the windows, with a massive “I love you” on the windscreen.

I remember being so in awe of the person who had gone to the trouble to plan such a unique and magical delivery. Ok, ok, the Porsche was really extreme, however that kind of thought and planning behind even the smallest gift would mean so much more than merely being given a standard, nicely wrapped anything! How much more impressive was that gift delivery as opposed to taking your loved one through to a dealership to merely pick up her dream car? And of course this also gave us single lonely ladies a thrill on the way to its destination, gave us hope and a dream that we too would find our Prince who would be just as romantic.

Well, most of us have found our Prince’s, but sadly we find that they definitely do not share the same romantic or creative flair as the example above, and so, we build our expectations through the year waiting for that special occasion or gift…. The one that is going to leave you speechless, or make you burst into tears of joy, or simply just make you feel as appreciated as you should….. and, what most find is that they smile sweetly when opening a last minute, no thought gift while masking their inward disappointment and their “really?” response. The love bank is not increased and money has been spent with no real impact!

“Since that fateful morning, we have tried to create such magical memories via the gifts we give. The extra effort and personalised touch, coupled with clever and creative delivery and timing of the gifts has created such incredible memories. There are people in our lives who recall gifts that we gave them long after we have forgotten them.

The perception is that one has to be able to buy the “Porsche” in the story we told, the reality is that whatever your budget, you can create the same wow effect and those moments are invaluable and cannot be measured in monetary terms. No money can buy that feeling.

These gifts have been so successful in our own lives and now we wish to share that success and spread the love to as many people as we can. Each time we have a happy customer there is a relationship that has been made stronger, a beautiful memory that has been created, smiles created and hearts warmed. That’s motivation enough for us to continue to assist people in putting together the best gifts, and helping them make the occasion memorable, fun and spectacular.

Doing what we love – shopping for beautiful, unique things that we would cherish and love to have, and passing those on to our clients, creating the dream and tightening family bonds is our passion.

So, tired and disillusioned by our prince charming’s become the proverbial frog’s at gift time!! We decided to do what we love.